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A white glove, full-service approach that gives you the ability of having your own"in-house"marketing team.

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Your business needs more than just social media. Marketing for small business can get expensive, and its not always possible to get in-house at the early stages of your business.

From website management, SEO, ADs, marketing campaigns, socials, email marketing, pretty much everything that is needed to help you maintain and grow your business, you will find yourself hiring MULTIPLE professionals and end up with a hefty bill of over 20K, 

So, we SIMPLIFIED it for you, by providing just what you need based on the best marketing strategy for the stage your business is in. 


so, what is THE HIVE ?

Different types of bees use different methods to build hives, depending on their habitat and social structure. Regardless of the type of hive that is built, however, they all serve the same purpose: They exist as the bees' home and to protect the queen bee and larvae. 


That is exactly what we have done for our long-term clients for years. This approach has allowed our client's businesses to grow and scale and we have finally decided to make it available to more business owners.


In order to grow, it important to take advantage of the many marketing tools available. But having an in-house team can get pricey and might be a waste of resources depending on the size of your business. The Hive Marketing - is a method that will help you scale your business for less. 

First, we start with a consultation for a full audit of all your marketing efforts. Then, we customize a plan to that will help you achieve short and long-term goals for your business. 

Some of the services we include are;


Brand Strategy & Management

Through strategic brand management we support businesses in  improving brand recognition, boosting revenue, and achieving long-term business goals.


Marketing Strategist

Working with a marketing strategist gives your business an upper hand in the market. A consistent strategy that focuses on achieving your business goals is the key to success.


Engagement Booster

Engagement with your community, and target audience helps boost reach, engagement, brand recognition. Stories that also help boost engagement can increase revenue and rapport. 


Tik Tok Management

Innovative TikTok strategy services to help you grow your business. We keep up with latest trends to create effective strategies designed to grow your reach and visibility on TikTok.


Blog Posting & Management

Blog posts help businesses build authority online , inform customers but also boosts your website's SEO. We write blog posts on topics based on your strategy and can also give you topics to write, and we revise and post. 


Email Marketing

& Newsletters

Every business can benefit from email marketing and monthly newsletters . We create strategic campaigns that include promotions, article that leads back to the website, blog post , events, celebrations, or promotions.


Monthly & Biweekly Consultation

Strategy Meeting to discuss analytics, monthly plan, goals, objectives. You can choose to do 2 calls a month if necessary.



Our proven method of selling through use of instagram stories. We've developed a strategy that helps businesses connect and sell through insta stories. 


Landing Page


As services are rolled out, new promotions and new campaigns benefit from a strong landing page. This allows us to track direct leads and optimize campaigns.




To ensure brand cohesion and a professional representation of your brand, every piece of graphic is designed by us. Copywriting that represent's your brand's  messaging and designs that represent your brand's identity.  




A collection of processes used to ensure your website is professional, up-to-date, and functioning as intended. Includes: SEO, updates, Lightbox pop ups, chat responses and blog management. 


Google & Facebook/Instagram Ads

Google is great for local reach, IG has helped us build an audience and authority around the brand while acquiring leads.  Both platforms are incredible tools to increase awareness and revenue. 


Social Media Management

With a marketing strategy, a social media strategy is then created to communicate and execute the marketing and business goals. We manage your socials through posts, reels, stories and much more. 


Multi-Employee Social Management

Your team's social media is just as important as your business' socials. They represent the brand. We make sure it is cohesive and manage brand rep through managing their profiles.


Community & DMs Management

Your customer's are your tribe. They are the community supporting your business, therefore, it is important to maintain communication and make sure they feel seen and heard. 

Most importantly, instant access to our team of professionals 

HIVE Application

Ready to ELEVATE your marketing?
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Prices for HIVE MARKETING  are
determined based on strategy to be executed. 
Requires a 6-Month Commitment. 
Monthly retainer starts at $1200.

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