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15 MIN

Find out how we can help your business in a quick 15 minute call! Explain your struggles, needs and goals! We'll tell you how we can help!


Not sure what to do to market your business? We'll tell you! Even if the best marketing strategy for you envolves working with us. We're here to give you CLARITY and guidance, that's all!

What's included:

60 min phone call + Instagram Audit



You love posting to your own Insta, but you feel lost. You have no idea which content works, which reels work, or how to market a campaign strategically.


The monthly strategy consult is for business owners who need guidance on a monthly basis, and who have many ideas but aren't sure how to execute it. The business owner who is ready to show up on their insta, share their stories and be present - they just don't know how. 

What’s Included?

  • A 90-minute conversation about the past month's analytics, insights, content, and marketing strategy for the future.

  • Get all your questions, doubts, and concerns answered plus tips on improvement. 

  • We'll then figure out the plan for the following month based on your goals and content strategy.

  • A TRELLO board that outlines your hashtag strategy, branding guidelines, content pillars, your audience's pain points, tips on captions, story guideline strategy, ideas for reels, post topics and so much more. 

  • This personalized 1:1 session, dives deep into your account stats, helping you figure out and analyze the best strategy for your business.

$2600 - TOTAL OF 3 months 

The BranditBe Consulting was created with the purpose of helping business owners achieve the ultimate clarity, direction, growth, mindset, and successful experience.

With bi-weekly meetings, we talk over all aspects of the business, branding, marketing, and current analytics. This program involves the evaluation of past and current marketing and branding efforts. You can pick my brain about everything that relates to your growth and success.


What’s Included?

  • Everything in the Monthly Strategy Consult plus

  • 2- Consulting calls per month (Total of 6 calls in the course of 3 months)

  • Full Brand positioning

  • Complete Market & Competitor Research

  • Unlimited access through text and email during business hours.

  • Trello board with Hashtag bank, content pillars, content calendar, and content ideas.

  • Monthly Analytics report emailed.

  • Story guidance

  • Reels guidance and trending audios shared

  • A 20-page Canva template designed for your brand.

  • Assistance on brand positioning for other platforms like Google, Facebook, Pinterest.

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